The MyHDL discourse forum is used to exchange information about MyHDL. Beginner and advanced discussions are welcomed on the forum. The forum, for all practical purposes, has replaced the mailing-list. For more iformation on the mailing-list see below.

In addition to the forum there is an active gitter channel and a #myhdl IRC channel on freenode

The MyHDL Mailing List was used heavily in the past but has been primarily replaced by the discourse forum and gitter channel.

The mailing list is archived on, which provides a bidirectional gateway to the mailing list. Gmane lets you choose among a variety of interfaces to access and search the mailing list information. Moreover, there is no need to subscribe.

All interface options are described here:

In particular, to access the list as a usenet newsgroup, you can use this link: The MyHDL Newsgroup