This guide is intended for all those who want to help with the development of this site.

The site is developed using Urubu. Please consult the Urubu website to install the software and get an overview of how it works. As a content contributor, you don't need all the details about templating and so on: the main task will be editing content in Markdown format.

The site is being developed on GitHub in the MyHDL website repository. You can contribute through pull requests, or I will consider to give you direct access to the repository.

Publishing the content is automatic after a push, but it may take up to ten minutes before the edits are online. The website content is pulled from the repo, so make sure to commit the built website also.

This site has been migrated from on old site. Not all content has been migrated, but that can still be done if desired.

You can visit the old version of the site under The orginal content has been checked in under _ori. There is a script that can help to convert the original dokuwiki format to Markdown. It is far from comprehensive, but should provide a good starting point.